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 +====== Vodis ======
 +**Aliases**:​ Mountain Man\\
 +**Appears in**: Books 4-9\\
 +**Titles**: "​Leader"​ of the Kalutakeni caravan with Venabi.\\
 +===== Biography =====
 +**Birthday**:​ Unknown\\
 +**Living**: Led the caravan from Kalutakeni on the continent of Loron, across the sea, to where they meet Valis and his friends to head for Avristin.\\
 +===== Appearance =====
 +**Hair**: Bald\\
 +**Eyes**: Brown\\
 +**Magic**: Gold\\
 +**Height**: Tall (over a foot taller than Valis)\\
 +**Body Type**: Huge and thickly muscled with tree-trunk-like arms, and a broad, muscled chest.\\
 +===== Notes =====
 +**Others**: Name means "​Mountain Echo" in his native tongue. He has midnight black skin, a bald head, and wields hammers in battle.\\
 +**Horse**: Unknown\\
 +**Children**:​ Unknown\\
 +**Married to**: Unknown\\
 +**Skills**: Metalsmith (both armor and weapons)\\
 +**Fears**: Unknown\\
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