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-====== Valis Bakor ====== 
-(//Image courtesy of the lovely [[http://​​|Mathia Arkoniel]]. 
-**Aliases**:​ None\\ 
-**Appears in**: All\\ 
-**Titles**: Aspirant -> Aesriphos Valiant -> Aesriphos\\ 
-===== Biography ===== 
-**Birthday**:​ Sixth of Temperance in the 2123rd year of Ascension\\ 
-**Living**: From birth until just before his 18th birthday, Valis lived with his birth parents, Roba and Eryd Bakor on their farmstead, forced to work the farm and fields from a very young age. His father was abusive and cruel. The night everything changed, Roba had sacrificed Eryd to Qos and planned on doing the same to Valis, only he could not catch the boy. Valis ran, and ended up in the camp of Darolen and Kerac, who helped him sell the farm and, with him, carted Roba to Avristin.\\ 
-===== Appearance ===== 
-**Hair**: Blonde\\ 
-**Eyes**: Blue\\ 
-**Magic**: Inclined\\ 
-**Height**: 5'​5"​ in DaS, 6'​0"​ in SaS, 6'​2"​ in LaW\\ 
-**Body Type**: Muscular, warrior built\\ 
-===== Notes ===== 
-**Others**: Infused with both Magic of Qos and Magic of Phaerith\\ 
-**Horse**: Chath and Rasera\\ 
-**Children**:​ None\\ 
-**Married to**: SPOILER :-D\\ 
-**Skills**: Mage, Warrior, Farming, Hunting, Foraging\\ 
-**Fears**: Failure, Roba, holding people'​s regard\\ 
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