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 +====== Qeraden Skor ======
 +**Aliases**:​ Enemy\\
 +**Appears in**: Book 4\\
 +**Titles**: Lesser Priest of Qos\\
 +===== Biography =====
 +**Birthday**:​ Unknown, but old\\
 +**Living**: Unknown, but ends up in Avristin'​s prison\\
 +===== Appearance =====
 +**Hair**: White, long. Usually kept in a ponytail.\\
 +**Eyes**: Not mentioned\\
 +**Magic**: Black, weak\\
 +**Height**: Average\\
 +**Body Type**: Lean/​lithe\\
 +===== Notes =====
 +**Others**: Haughty, but a coward. Wore black plate armor when he faced against Valis.\\
 +**Horse**: White stallion\\
 +**Children**:​ Unknown\\
 +**Married to**: Unknown\\
 +**Skills**: Unknown\\
 +**Fears**: Sovereign Priest of Qos and anyone more powerful than he is.\\
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