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 +====== Jedai ======
 +**Aliases**:​ \\
 +**Appears in**: Books 2-9\\
 +**Titles**: Mundane Warrior Aspirant (unofficial title)\\
 +===== Biography =====
 +**Birthday**:​ Unknown\\
 +**Living**: Lives with his baby sister, Aenali, in Avristin for training to become a warrior.\\
 +===== Appearance =====
 +**Hair**: Auburn\\
 +**Eyes**: Blue\\
 +**Magic**: Mundane\\
 +**Height**: Unknown\\
 +**Body Type**: Broad, but not as broad as Valis.\\
 +===== Notes =====
 +**Others**: Aenali'​s older brother.\\
 +**Horse**: Unknown\\
 +**Children**:​ None\\
 +**Married to**: None\\
 +**Skills**: Unknown\\
 +**Fears**: Unknown\\
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