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This wiki details information on the various worlds Devon Vesper has created for her books. Please feel free to browse at your heart's desire.

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God Jars Saga


Kal'brath World Overview

Kings of Kal'brath is currently a series set on Adradis. Adradis is a world in a plane of existence parallel to earth. The three worlds are interconnected via veils that can either be natural, or elfin made. The third world is Morka.


Adradis houses the elves of the first plane. On all planes, the continents are similarly placed to those on Earth. The continent of Kal'brath corresponds to that of North America on Earth. Below, you can see a map mockup showing the difference in continent shape, and where the four realms are in relation to each other. Please note that while the author tried to make the map to scale, placement may change based on story necessity, and she definitely is not a skilled cartographer.

Another thing to note: On the lower left of the map, that space would roughly correspond with California or thereabouts. The top right of the map would roughly correspond with Maine and the beginnings of Canada. The equitorial line is purposely in the wrong place, as the elves divide their world differently than humans in regards to latitude and logitude. Their equatorial line does not indicate where the world is “cut in half” horizontally. There are actually two equatorial lines (north and south) that create an “Equatorial Belt”. The Dividing Line indicates the division between the light half of the world, and the half of the world that is in perpetual Twilight.


Morka houses the Bashkai, a primitive and savage race. Morka is so overpopulated that they have great battles for sport, and the winners receive all property and lands of their dead opponents. Due to this overpopulation, the elves have closed all veils leading from Morka to Earth and Adradis to keep their war-like savagery from spilling over and clogging the other worlds.


As most of you are from Earth, this should be simple. It houses humans, and around the year 3540, catastrophe hits and rearranges the continents. This drives humans into near extinction, and spearheads the second book Healing Wounds.

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