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This wiki details information on the various worlds Devon Vesper has created for her books. Please feel free to browse at your heart's desire.

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God Jars Saga


Glossary of Terms

Aesriphos- A man or woman who has achieved Ezhav and joined the Order of Aesriphos. An Aesriphos is a Holy Warrior Priest with magical capabilities who are the elite force tasked with recovering the lost God Jar of Qos, and protecting the reliquary and monastery from Qos' forces.

Ezhav- A holy union that only aspiring Aesriphos can achieve. It only happens between same sex couples, and always leads to an official marriage. This connection is so strong that it makes the bonded pair fearsome in battle, because they will do ANYTHING to protect their mate. Ezhav is a prerequisite for the couple to advance from Aesriphos Aspirant to Aesriphos Valiant so they may take their vows as priests of the Order, and become holy Aesriphos.

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