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This wiki details information on the various worlds Devon Vesper has created for her books. Please feel free to browse at your heart's desire.

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God Jars Saga


Holidays and Holy Days


Earth Weekday God's Day Peralea Weekday Equivalent
Sunday Phaerith's Day Phaeride
Monday Vorik's Day Voride
Tuesday Racal's Day Racide
Wednesday Dapen's Day Dapenide
Thursday Asenth's Day Asenide
Friday Delys' Day Delyside
Saturday Karei's Day Kareide
8th Day Sotec's Day Soteide
9th Day Xysoz's Day Xysoide
10th Day Qos' Day Qovide
Fill day Fill Day Masetide


Earth Month Peralea Month
January Devotion
February Compassion
March Sacrifice
April Protection
May Ambition
June Temperance
July Suffering
August Loyalty
September Spirituality
October Mobility
November Solidarity
December Peace

There are three weeks per month. Months with 31 days get one filler day at the end of the month. This is usually a religious holiday, meant for meditation, festivals, or frivolity. Every four years, the first month (Devotion) gets a 31st day as a Leap Year, and that Masetide is always celebrated with a feast.


  • Ambition 21st- New Year's Day
  • Temperance 21st-25th- Summer Festival
  • Suffering 21st- Ascension Day (Phaerith)
  • Spirituality 30th (Qovide)- Autumn celebration on a Qovide to ward off Qos' evil taint.
  • Peace 21st-31st- Winter Festival
  • Birth Anniversaries- Birthdays. Always celebrated with friends and loved ones. Small, personal gifts are encouraged. The ritual, however, goes beyond friends and loved ones, as everyone who has knowledge of the person's birth anniversary will kiss the celebrant (usually on the forehead, temple, or, more rarely, on the cheek), and speak the refrain, “Blessed is the day you were born, and blessed are we to be your brothers and sisters.” However, it has been shortened over the years to just, “Blessed is the day you were born.”

Days of Rest

  • Masetide- Off day for meditation. Guards can choose who rotates these days to keep the country safe.
  • Kareide and Soteide- Days of Peace
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