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This wiki details information on the various worlds Devon Vesper has created for her books. Please feel free to browse at your heart's desire.

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God Jars Saga


Gods List

  1. Phaerith: Violet: Head. God of many faces/aspects. God of compassion, community, focus, mentality, higher thought.
  2. Qos: Blue: Used to be the “Neck” or Phaerith's support. God of suffering, disability, medicine, free will, control, and instinct.
  3. Karei: White: Left Shoulder. Goddess of Peace and dreams.
  4. Vorik: Carmine: Right Shoulder. God of War.
  5. Sotec: Silver: Left Arm- Cultivator of Peace. Carries out Karei's will.
  6. Xysoz: Vermilion: Right Arm- Harbinger of War. Carries out Vorik's will.
  7. Asenth: Green: Chest- God of the heart, love and family.
  8. Delys: Yellow: Abdomen- Goddess of fertility and harvest.
  9. Dapen: Indigo: Left Leg- Goddess of mobility, direction and journey.
  10. Racal: Black: Right Leg- God of speed, protector of the lost, leader of the Way.

Phaerith is the many aspect god. Most known throughout the world, just under different names. Qos was Phaerith's support. Karei and Vorik were their guards (gods of war and peace). Sotec and Xysoz carried out Karei and Vorik's will (kinda like angels). Asenth is the heart, god of love and family, while Delys was the god of fertility and harvest. Dapen and Racal are the gods of mobility, direction, and journey.

Phaerith was once a powerful mage, and a holy man who was sacrificed to ancient (not real) gods for favor. His body was cut up into pieces, incinerated, and stored in clay jars, and his soul shattered into 10 pieces, with Qos bearing the evil taint that all humans possess to some varying degree.

Qos wasn't always bad. While he had the seed of corruption, the rest of the gods' presences kept it in check. When his jar was stolen and tampered with, the corruption overwhelmed him and he broke away from the pantheon to seduce his followers for his own agenda. This is how the Aesriphos came into being. They are the ones tasked with finding the jar, cleansing it, and bringing it back to the monastery.

The monastery has those jars somewhere on the premises, and be the reason Cadoras and the monastery are more powerful than the country's monarchy.

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