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This wiki details information on the various worlds Devon Vesper has created for her books. Please feel free to browse at your heart's desire.

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God Jars Saga


Funerary Prayer

When someone dies, the proper rites include a funerary pyre to cremate the dead. If an Aesriphos is near, they will draw their sword and rest their forehead against the flat of the blade. They will then push their magic into the blade so it glows gold to shine down upon the deceased and speak the funerary prayer below.

“May Phaerith grant our fallen brothers and sisters compassion, and rebirth them anew to live in His Light. May Karei and Sotec grant them endless peace in their everlasting dream. May Vorik and Xysoz defend their spirits with their savage might as they make their way Home. May Asenth and Delys cradle them, nurture and nourish them along their journey. And may Dapen and Racal speed them on their way. Blessed are our brothers and sisters, and blessed are we to carry your memories with us always.”

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