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 +====== Curse Words Explained ======
 +Just for shits and giggles, I thought it best to give this topic a little coverage.
 +In The God Jars Saga, you may notice that in a medieval-esque setting, the characters use modern curse words and some modern-y slang. There'​s really an easy explanation for this. And no, it wasn't because I got lazy.
 +In the stories, the characters are either speaking Evaki, Arlvorian, or another language. Just because it's English on the page so you can read it, doesn'​t mean they'​re speaking modern English. So, instead of creating endless nonsense words for curse words and slang, I inserted the modern equivalent of what they would be saying in their own language. No sense in using Arlvorian curse words when I'm not having them speak the rest of their thoughts in English, yeah? If I did that, I'd have to create yet more for each of the other languages they speak throughout the series.
 +And yes, I am a lazy, lazy bitch. I'm not even sorry.
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