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This wiki details information on the various worlds Devon Vesper has created for her books. Please feel free to browse at your heart's desire.

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God Jars Saga


Places of Note


  • Cadoras- Holy City in the center of the continent of Peralea. Houses the monastery of Avristin.
  • Banen- City just south of Cadoras dock where Tavros and Aryn are from.
  • Vau Taun- In the country of Evakis, where Valis, Roba, and Rygas are from.
  • Doyer- City in Arlvor where Aenali and Jedai are from.
  • Tigak- City in Urkori where Valis and his friends battle a horde of Qos followers.


  • Lyvea- The country where Valis and his friends find the caravan.
  • Arlvor- The country where Cadoras is located.
  • Plorvas- Fishing country on the central southern shore of Peralea.
  • Noldwor- Country where the mercenaries are originally from. They moved to Plorvas for the greater employment opportunities.
  • Urkori- Country just south of Arlvor. Valis and his friends had to travel through Urkori to reach Lyvea.


  • Peralea- The continent where the entire God Jars Saga takes place.
  • Loron- Across the sea. The country Kalutaken is where Zhasina is from, and it's on Loron's southern shores.
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