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Product Questions

Where are Orderes Fulfilled and Shipped From?

Our physical products are printed on demand. This means they are not printed until you place and finalize your order. All physical products will be fulfilled in print on demand facilities in either the USA or Europe, depending on your location, to ensure the fastest shipping time.

Do You Ship Products to My Country? (Yes!)

We ship worldwide. All other products will be shipped from either USA or Europe facilities to ensure the fastest delivery.

Can I Customize Your Products?

Not at the current time. However, if you really want a custom product, contact us at support@devonvesper.com with the customization request, and the product, and we may customize the product for you.

How Do I Know if Items are In Stock?

We do not keep stock in a warehouse, waiting to ship. Out of stock items will automatically state this on the product page.

Why is This Shirt Color Not in My Size?

Some colors are not available in some sizes. If this changes, we will update the products on the site.

Why Do the Samsung Phone Cases Look So Different From the iPhone Cases?

Unfortunately, due to the placement of the camera on Samsung phones, the camera port on the case cuts off most of Valis’ head, so I had to improvise to ensure quality.

How Do I Process a Return?

Please see our Returns & Exchanges page.


Subscription Questions

How Much are the Subscriptions?

The lowest price is $9.99 USD per month. Second tier is $28.47 for three months, which equals $9.49 per month, so you get a 5% savings. Third tier is $53.95 for six months, which equals $8.99 per month, a 10% savings. The last tier is $95.90 for 1 year, which equals $7.99 per month, a 20% savings. You can only buy one subscription at a time, but you can upgrade at any time.

How Do I Login?

Click on the “My Account” button in the main menu. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to login or register. If you are logged in, you will see and be able to edit your account information.

How Do I Logout?

Click on the “My Account” button in the main menu. If you are logged in, you will see the logout button at the bottom of your account menu.

How Do I See My Subscription?

You can see your subscription in the My Account page.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Go to your My Account page, and under subscriptions, you can edit your address or cancel your subscription.

Does My Subscription Automatically Renew?

Yes. Unless you cancel, your subscription will automatically renew when your subscription period ends, whether that be every month, every three months, every six months, or every twelve months, depending on what subscription tier you purchased.


Site Questions

Devon Vesper AND Jennifer Amriss?

Devon Vesper and Jennifer Amriss are the same person! I write M/M (Gay) stories under Devon Vesper, and have gone on hiatus from writing Het stories under Jennifer Amriss.

Publishing Frequency

I try to publish every 6 weeks. However, I have bipolar disorder and severe depression. When I’m in a depressive episode, it kills my ability to write. If this happens, I will usually update you via my newsletter or Facebook so that you know about the additional wait for the next book. I’m on pretty awesome meds to keep this from happening, but it still happens on occasion.

Can I Follow You?

Absolutely! Grab the links on my About page and follow me wherever you want!

How Often Do You Update Your Blog?

At the moment, I usually update the blog every month on the 20th, but I may skip months if I have nothing of import to tell you.

How Do You Come Up With Story Ideas?

Truthfully? The characters materialize in my head, grip me by the throat, and demand I write their story until I get their words on the page. And if I’m in the middle of another book or series, they won’t shut up until I at least write down everything they tell me in note form or bullet points. It’s… kind of awesome, yet frightening as hell. LOL It comes at random times, and I’ll often be thrown into a daydreaming loop for hours until the character lets me go long enough to get a document open and jot down notes.

Where Are Your Books For Sale?

You can find my ebooks on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, iBooks, Google Play, and Overdrive (library).

Where Are You Located?

I currently live in Pennsylvania, USA. You may see my address is from Portland, Oregon, but that is through a mailing service to protect my privacy.

How Many Books Will Be In The God Jars Series?

The God Jars Series will be 9 books total. Duty and Sacrifice 1-3 (Saviors, Avristin, and Possessed), Purity and Control 1-3 (Support, Mentor, and Betrayal), and Loyalty and War 1-3 (Marshal, Anchors, Incursion). There may be spin-offs at a later date, but currently, these are the only books slotted for this world.

How Many Books Will Be In The Dragon Highlands Series?

This series is just the two books, Mage of Legend and Dragon Court with a short story that you can get through the newsletter. There may be more books with these characters at a later date, but as of right now, there are no plans.

How Many Books Will Be In The Kings of Kal’brath Series?

Right now, I am no longer writing Heterosexual stories due to mental trauma. (I am a rape victim, and heterosexual romance causes anxiety.) So, for right now, there are only three books in that series: Race Against the Dark (Ka’lei and Morough), Healing Wounds (Elan and Jenna), Twilight’s Children (Ka’lei/Morough and Cyranti/Danatarius). This may change in the future, as I do have ideas for more books, including separating the books into more series, adding books to the Race Against the Dark storyline since that has been greatly requested, but it has to wait until I am mentally capable of writing the books again.

Why Won’t You Love Me?

Because I’m part cat. I still love you, though.


Discount/Coupon Questions

Does My Membership Discount Count Toward Physical Products? (Yes!)

Yes! Your membership discount counts toward ALL products except for the membership plans.

Does My Membership Discount Stack With Other Coupons?

Yes! When we run coupons or other store discounts, your membership discount will always be stacked with those other discounts.

Does My Membership Discount Apply to Subscription Time? (No.)

No. Membership discounts will never apply to the membership/subscription plans.

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