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Devon Vesper writes all sorts of gay romance, including fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary.

If you enjoy some or all of these genres, you are in the right place! Come get that gut punch your feels craves, and join Devon for sweet, sexy, manly stories that will leave you desperate for more while nursing that glorious book hangover.

Devon started with the Dragon Highlands series. This two-book series features elves, magic, dragons, court intrigue, and, of course, a satisfying happily-ever-after romance.

She's now following up with The God Jars Saga, a nine-book medieval-esque epic fantasy with romantic elements. These books grip you from the very first sentence, and take you on an epic journey across the continent of Peralea with sword fights, magic, evil gods, and heart-stopping action. And she doesn't leave out the feels. This gripping, ongoing tale will jerk you around by your heart and make you glad for the experience.

Now, Devon wants to give you even MORE!

We've set up a serial novel area for members only where you can read Devon's books as she writes them, before they're ever ready for publishing. You get the first glance at each chapter, and by leaving comments on the chapters, you can even help in her creation process! Ever read a book and thought, "I wish she had done this, instead" and been completely disappointed? Devon reads every comment, and takes them to heart as she writes to make books you can't wait to read.

Read whenever you want, wherever you want.

Our site is mobile-friendly, so you can access the site and read the stories on any device. We also offer larger font size (18px) with extra space between paragraphs for easier reading on larger screens and desktop monitors**. Perfect for those days (or nights) when all you want to do is chug your favorite drink and binge-read.

Need help? We offer a live chat to answer your questions, and if live chat is not available, simply leave us a message, and we'll get back with you within 24 hours!

Love the books and want to buy them so you can read on your ereader or app without a subscription? You can do that, too. Ebooks? Check. Paperbacks? Check! Want a signed copy of your favorite book, or even ALL the books? We've got you covered! Check out the shop! We also have tons of products like museum-quality prints of cover art, shirts, iPhone and Samsung cases, and tote bags!

We know money can be tight.

That's why we created a plan for every budget. If you're not sure about joining, try out your membership. The first five chapters of every first-in-series book is free on the site. Or, sign up for a month at the low price of $9.99. If you feel Devon's stories aren't for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Want to save your membership dollars for when the book you're dying to read is finished? Each book has a landing page with the book's cover and a blurb. The cover will always have a banner that says one of the following: Coming Soon, Updating, or Completed. Check back often for the Completed banner above your cover so you know when to renew your subscription. This is the best option if you chose not to join our emailing list!

The icing on the cake?

Active members (on ANY PLAN) get a 10% discount* on anything in the Devon Vesper store during their subscription! That's right! Every book and all other merchandise* in the store is 10% off for subscribed members only! The store has every book Devon has written, plus books that are sold nowhere else, including boxed sets!

Subscribe now and start reading! Check out our plans:

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* The 10% discount does not count toward membership renewals, or the membership plans.
** Mobile devices retain normal font sizes due to the size limitations on the screens. No one likes to read a wall of text with only 2-3 words per line. Ew.

Want more? I'll give you more!

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